Lefkada is the fourth biggest island of the Ionian Sea. It is situated between Corfu and Kefalonia, very close to the southwest coast of Akarnania.
The tour around the island begins from the bridge, which connects the island with the main country.
The town of Lefkas is in a distance of 385 Km from Athens, 420 km from Thesssaloniki   and 100km from Igoumenitsa

Municipality of Sfakiotes covers the central and northwest part of the Prefecture of Lefkada, consisting of 7 Communities: Lazarata (municipality’s seat), Spanochori, Pinakochori, Kavalos, Asprogerakata, Drimonas, Exanthia.Its villages are built in rich green scenery, as beautiful jewelleries in this unique environment. Small stone houses, full of flowers, gates leading to small traditional rooms… Olive Groves, fertile gardens, and long vineyards are composing this scenery.

In Sfakiotes, you will meet many interesting churches with stone church towers. Also, it worth’s visiting the Folklore Museum in Kavalo, where tools and objects from many traditional crafts and occupations are exhibited, a representation of rooms in a traditional house of Lefkada, textiles and costumes, and an admirable collection of old photos. If you are a lover of nature, you will adore the Melissa Gorge and its surroundings where you will meet many stone bridges, springs and wells.

The coastal graphic settlement Agios-Nikitas abstains hardly 7klm, the most organized beach of Lefkada with the amazing waters, Kathisma, abstains 10 km from the villa Karydia. The path that leads to West-Coast Lefkada is amazing, because it combines the unique green environment with the Ionian Sea. From this path you might adore the extraordinary sunset.  The alpine village Karya abstains hardly 3klm from the villa Karydia. Vassiliki that is coastal settlement and is found in southeastern Lefkada abstains 20klm. And from this way the view is unique because of its panoramic view.
The villa Karydia guarantees a pleasant stay in a green and natural environment


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